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Sitting on Rock

"Life starts when you step out of your comfort zone".

Neale Donald Walsch
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There are times in life where we all feel 'stuck'. this is a feeling that can really cause anxiety and a sense of feeling lost.

Losing direction in life can sometimes mean that there is a change to be made, a change for the better. 

Whether it is a career change, relationship change or a spiritual change I am here to help you manage through and work with your inner self to align and rebalance your mindset in order to adapt to the change you are  going through.

Using all areas of expertise I will ensure you will leave feeling focused and into a place of clarity, progression and personal growth.

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Grow Your Vision

"Coaching works because it's all about YOU. When you connect with what you really want and why - and take action - magical things can happen". 

Emma - Louise Elsey

Areas of Expertise

  • Life Coaching
  • ADHD Support
  • Spiritual & Wellbeing Coaching
  • NLP Therapy
  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis 
  • Reiki & Crystal Healing Therapy
  • Meditation Coaching


“I contacted Realign when I really wasn't sure where my life was heading, I had lost all direction. After my first online meeting with Leela I knew I had mad the right decision to look for some outside help. Leela is so focused on helping people to succeed, she has a very calm and friendly nature so you feel at ease almost immediately.”


"The best investment I have made this year! I feel like I'm now happier and more focused on where I'm going in life"


“Leela is so easy to talk to that from the initial consultation I was excited for our sessions. I found myself a bit lost in life after covid hit and I lost my job, starting over seemed scary but I have now started a new business of my own and I put this down to the help and assistance of Leela. .”

Contact Me

I really hope that by reading through this website you have chosen to make the decision to let me carry out my passion for helping you find the best version of yourself.

If you feel you would like to book in for the FREE initial consultation then please fill out the contact for me below.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Tel: 07955 606 444

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