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Life Coaching

Having ran my own Aesthetics Business for over a decade I soon realised that there was a calling for me to help and guide others. I would get great pleasure from clients visiting me and not only enjoying their treatment but being able to off load their problems and together I would help them find solutions. Watching them leave so much more lifted then when they arrived filled me with joy.

I decided to become a life coach and to throw myself into the studying of it and to further understand how we think as human beings and what makes us create our stories on who we are as individuals.

Life coaching covers all aspects of life from career, relationships, spiritualism and more, anything where we need to feel 'unstuck' and to be able to reach new goals in life.

As a Life coach I will encourage you to look inside yourself for the answers you already hold, ask the tricky questions that can unleash parts of you that you never knew existed and push you to achieve your maximum potential and personal growth.

ADHD Support

Living with ADHD can be difficult for not only the person themselves but for family members also. 
Without a clear understanding of ADHD the person can be misunderstood and often enough can be outcast leaving them with feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem, frustration and rejection.
Leela is here to help all involved to have not only a better understanding of ADHD but how to better adapt to an openness into seeing things from more the others persons mindset so that forms of communication can flow more easily and create a more evenly flowing relationship. 

Spiritual & Wellbeing Coaching

Spirituality & Wellness is a growing subject and practice in todays world. We are all spiritual beings but how we choose to practice this is down to every individual. 

Whether you are struggling with your position in your religion or spirituality or just need to know how you can learn to add wellness into your life more, this is something we can work together for you to achieve a nice balance in life.

Remember we all fail at some point at getting the balance right but as long as we can focus and get realigned again then that is what matters. 

Maybe you are someone that needs help with learning how to meditate, that's ok we can cover all of these aspects.

NLP Therapy

NLP known as neuro linguistic programming.

This part of coaching will be focused on self awareness enhancement, goal achievement communication strategies and a deeper understanding of the human behaviour. I will work with you to look into your feelings, thinking and actions or reactions to events in life.

This therapy intends to allow you to let go of any anxieties or negative thoughts that may hold you back from living the life your are reaching for and also to improve your wellbeing.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Have you ever experienced or are currently experiencing something changing in your life and you just don't know why? Do you have a fear that has risen out of no where and its holding you back or maybe can't understand why your acting a certain way that doesn't seem like you?

This could very well be down to the fact you have hit a time in your life where a past life is becoming familiar and playing out in your life today! 

I have personally had the pleasure of having this therapy myself so can speak subjectively on the therapy. 

I will work with you to delve into the subconscious part of your mind through hypnosis, which is a form of focused awareness where you will be able to access the memories from past lives.

However this regression therapy can also look into an event that took place in your childhood that still effects you now. These sessions can help you to heal from past events, provide anxiety relief and receive emotional balance.

Reiki & Crystal Healing Therapy

Reiki & Crystal healing is a therapy to help realign your higher self to achieve balance in your every day life. 

Our body contains many chakras that responsible for for almost all of our emotional responses, when these all out of alignment from traumas, stress and busy life we can find ourself no feeling the best version of ourselves. 

Sessions can consist of reiki alone or combined with the crystals you will receive a higher level of healing. 

Reiki is a very relaxed therapy and its benefits will continue to work long after your session. Many clients feedback say they cannot believe how calm and relaxed they feel even weeks after the session. After all once we are aligned and re-balanced properly we are in a blissful state of mind where even the biggest of problems can seem minor!

Areas of Expertise

My Approach

My approach to working with my clients is to always sit as an equal, coaching I believe is about using the tools that I have gathered from my own life experiences and from continuously educating myself. 

I like to encourage you to find the answers to your own questions rather than be told by me how your life should be, I believe everyone holds the answers to their own success's and achievements.

Sometimes life can become a tangled mess and we all need some assistance in working through the tangles until everything is clear again. many clients use the terms " I feel out of control', "I feel stuck", I don't know what I want", "I am just so unhappy" and many more, trust me I have felt many of these feeling myself before along with so many people so I feel I can offer empathy where it is needed and you are definitely not lone.

I am confident I can work with my clients to bring them out the other end of what they are feeling when they start sessions, they can leave with clarity and feeling refocused to move forward in a positive direction.

Working in a non judgmental and supportive way we can work together to make way through those bold steps and navigate towards a bright future ahead.

Make that FREE initial consultation that can be carried out via zoom or telephone and take those first steps to fulfil your potential.

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My Approach
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